Those Who Control Language Can Conquer The World

To Accurately Portray And Spread Japanese Culture Around The World
Fix Broken Japlish / Engrish


In recent years, the world has become a global society. We are creatures that use "words" as tools to communicate with others.
Among all the languages, we hope to utilize the worldwide common language “English” to 
export Japanese culture throughout the world and at the same time to incorporate more information from around the world into Japan and Japanese society. 

Fields of translation:

◆  Manga, games, movies (subtitles)

◆  Business related documents, presentation materials, websites

◆  Medical documents, experiment reports

We provide high quality with experienced native speakers at a low cost.

*Supported Language

Japanese, English (American, British, Australian)

Spanish (Spain, South America), Chinese,

Vietnamese, Korean, French

We translate each language using native speakers of the target language.


◆  健康・美容コラム

◆  恋愛コラム

◆  風水コラム


◆ マンガにおいては写植

◆ 映像においては字幕の焼きつけ

◆ 英語翻訳セミナー


We don’t just simply translate, when necessary we ‘localize’ the text so that the content is suitable for the country and language to which we are exporting said material/ text/ document. 
Jokes can be translated and localized well based on the culture and daily living environment of the target language and country so that the content will suit the client’s needs.   

Translation Check

The translator is native to the country/ language of the target translation language.
When the native translator has finished, a Japanese translator will complete a thorough crosscheck. 
Using this process, we can prevent the mistranslation of difficult nuances,
this is applied especially to Japanese jokes.


For one translation, several people are designated and the document or text is checked several times.  Through this process, we can provide high-grade translations. 
With a different person in each step of the process, the translation is checked at least 4 times. 

Feature 1

If necessary, we can localize across multiple languages. This is at the client’s discretion and depends on the audience you wish to reach with your text, document or media.

Feature 2

Translation of Ambiguous Expressions in Japanese

We can replicate Japanese jokes and other difficult translations across multiple languages.

Feature 3
Top Quality Translations

We translate each document or text with at least 2 people and with a maximum of 4 people.
We do not divide the work between translators, we simply make sure that each document has a three-step process and is checked in each stage multiple times by more than one person.
We translate, cross-check, and proofread all documents to ensure high-grade and accurate translations.


-海外テレビチャンネルMTV「Play us」通訳、兼ホスト

-訪日ハリウッドVIP に 同行通訳

-テレビ東京 ありえへん世界にて番組内通訳

-日本テレビ バラエティ、テレビ番組のインタビュー






・ベトナムゲーム買収案件 等



-アメリカ病院訪問での日本人VIP 同行通訳

-来日VIP 博士(医療関係)同行通訳





-テレビ番組 ナミビア大使館にて文化紹介(日⇄英)

-テレビ朝日 日本の映画「Asha child of Hope」(日→英)

-映画「人を乗せる」劇場公開 字幕作製 日→英

-サンテレビ Let's Pachinko!



-フォーブス 3〜5 記事/週(英→日)


-『ノンフライポテトチップ』製造方法A4×約50P (日→英)

-カジノ バカラマシンの説明書 130P (日→英)


-国内の議員から海外の議員への手紙 (日→英)


-総務省 国際対策課 英文校正業務 700P/週


製薬会社 マーケット調査報告書 A4×約85 P

-「血液凝固剤 取り扱い注意」( 英→日)


-「薬の取扱注意書」等( 英→日)

-シンガポールの病院のサイト( 英→日)

-タイの病院のサイト( 英→日)

-禁煙外来調査 X 製薬会社(日→英)

-骨粗鬆症女性の意識調査 X 製薬会社(日→英)

-男性型脱毛症 疾患啓発調査 X 製薬会社(日→英)


-スマホアプリゲームRPG 80 万語(日→英)


-テルマー湯 公式サイト 英語・韓国語・簡体字・タイ語 翻訳 2016年8月



※2008 年1 月~2009 年6 月

-サイトのコラム 恋愛編 50 記事/週 (日→英)